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RokTabs Demo

Source Ordered Layout
Affinity continues the latest trend of SEO optimised templates. The layout of the template has been constructed differently to the norm. A typical Joomla template, in regards to the mainbody source, will load the left column first, then the right column and finally the main column (where your main articles are loaded). Affinity takes a different approach and loads the main column code before the left and right columns. Therefore, this template loads in this order: Header, Menu, Showcase, Main Column, Left Column, Right Column, Bottom, Footer. This is perfect for SEO purposes as the search crawlers will find your main content before your subsidiary content in your side columns. This is a major step forward and will improve your search engine results for your pages.
Javascript Styling: Radios and Checkboxes
One of the many new features in the template is the inclusion of JavaScript powered styling for radio icons and checkboxes, such as the ones used on the Polls and the Search pages. Traditionally, styling of these form elements is bland, default and ordinary. However, using special scripts, these elements can be manipulated as to allow styling as is present on the many demo pages. The template styled itself changers depending on body type chosen as well as the type of module class suffix in use. Yet another diverse and additional feature in the May template release.
Sortable / Draggable Elements
Sortable is a primary and prominent feature of the Affinity release, allowing you the ability to interact with the layout of your site, by moving different areas of your site with graphically integrated handles. There are 3 types of movement which will be addressed below, horizontal area movement, vertical area movement, vertical modular movement.
phpBB3 is a powerful forum, and is the platform of choice for Joomla.org as well as our very own RocketTheme forum. The Affinity phpBB3 style is a product of the RocketTheme phpBB3 styles club and you will need to be a member in order to access the theme. Note: Joomla Template Club members do NOT have access to this theme.

However, as a community template, the joint launch of bother Joomla and phpBB3 counterparts is important, hence the synchronicity. Although, there are important Joomla elements that should be noted. Firstly, the Joomla and phpBB3 sites are synced via RokBridge, a free bridging component for the two platforms, and a series of modules to extract data from phpBB3 into Joomla are present, such as Latest Posts.
K2 is a content construction component (similar to CCK for those acquainted with Drupal), which lets you create custom content types (items) for your Joomla! website. With K2, you can transform your Joomla! website to a news site with author blogs, product catalogs, work portfolio, knowledge base, download/document manager, directory listing, event listing and more, all this bundled under one component. Again, Affinity has styled support for this component to visually integrate the powerful component from JoomlaWorks.gr.
Community Builder
Community Builder is an iconic community platform for Joomla. It serves primarily as a profile extended to Joomla, allowing more substantive controls and options for user profiles. The template has individual styling for the Community Builder profile pages for seamless integration and similarly, the component is not included in the RocketLauncher but you can easily download from JoomlaPolis.com.
JomSocial Support
JomSocial is a community / social networking component from Azrul. The extension is commercial and is available for Joomla 1.5.7+ only. The Affinity template has inbuilt support for the component, using the override feature of Joomla 1.5 to restyle the default variations to seamlessly integrated into the July template release. JomSocial is the perfect compliment to a community geared template. Note, JomSocial is not included in the RocketLauncher due to its commercial status.

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RokTabs Module

RokTabs is a fully independent and incredibly flexible standalone version of the popular template feature, RokSlide. That being, a module that displays content in tabs that are scrollable and can rotate automatically. The module itself is installable into Joomla and can be easily utilised on any template, not just Affinity. As its name implies, its a tabbed based module to efficiently showcase your content to your visitors. RokTabs can now load modules inside its tabs, you just need to insert {loadposition name} and it will load the position you defined as *name*

How do I configure RokTabs?

We will take a quick look at the parameters you will find when you install this module. There are 4 columns, parameters, options, demo and description. The parameter column lists each available setting for the module; options lists the available options to choose from; demo lists the options chosen on the demo and description outlines what the module does.


Show Title Enabled Position Theme Style Content Type Joomla Section Joomla Category Joomla Frontpage Items K2 Category Filter K2 Filter Select K2 Featured Items Item Ordering Width Max # of Tabs Transition Duration Transition Type Transition Effect Subtract Margins Tabs Position Tabs Title Incremental text Hide h6 tags Autoplay Autoplay Delay Module Suffix


Yes : No Yes : No list of positions Custom : Light : Dark Joomla : K2 list of sections list of categories Show : Hide : Only All : Select list of categories Show : Hide : Only list of orders Number Field Number Field Number Field Scrolling : Fading list of transitions Yes : No Top : Bottom : Hidden list of options Text Field Yes : No Yes : No Number Field Text Field


No Yes main1 Custom Joomla Demo Content RokTabs Hide All All Show Default 642 0 600 Scrolling Quad.easinOut No Top Content Title Tab Yes No 2000 leave blank


Enable/Disable the module header Enable/Disable the module Position of the module Set Theme / Style Content from Joomla or K2 Section of articles Category of articles Frontpage item controls Set filter for K2 content Choose K2 categories for items Control K2 featured items Ordering of items Width of the module Max number of Tabs Time for transition Type of transition The transition effect Subtract tab margins Position of the tabs Determine the tab title Set an incremental text Hide h6 titles Rotate automatically Set delay on auto-rotation A module class suffix
Restore Default Settings