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phpBB3 Style / RokBridge Application and Modules

phpBB3 is a powerful forum platform, which is the perfect companion for any Joomla site wishing to expand with a forum-based community. The forum itself is very functional, highly configurable and overall, extremely versatile. Now, with the RokBridge component, you can sync the users and logged in sessions of both Joomla and phpBB3. Similarly, with the RocketTheme phpBB3 styles club, you can have a matching style for your Joomla template.

Note: phpBB3, inclusive of the forum, style, RokBridge and modules will not be available as part of the RocketLauncher.

RokBridge, its modules and phpBB3 itself are freely available. However, the Affinity phpBB3 style is only accessible to active members of the RocketTheme phpBB3 styles club.


RokBridge is a powerful application that allows you to sync the databases of both Joomla and phpBB3. In short, you can sync your members / users from Joomla or phpBB3 and vice versa. Similarly, logging in is also synced.

We are using RokBridge on the demo to bridge the Affinity Joomla demo with its phpBB3 counterpart, so the uers are synced, the sessions are synced and the styles are also synced. For example, if you you dynamically change the style in Joomla via URL/Cookie command '?tstyle=style1', then style1 will load in the phpBB3 side.

RokBridge Modules

We have a few modules that are designed around RokBridge, these are Latest Posts, Members and Login. The latest posts modules extracts the latest post data from phpBB3 and showcases them into a Joomla module. The Members module is versatile, being able to show the top members, latest members, online members in a variety of different formats, such as avatar only or text only. The login module is self explanatory. You can download these modules from the same location as RokBridge.

For more details on RokBridge such as Installation or where to download, please check the following links:-


Affinity phpBB3 Style

Affinity has a counterpart phpBB3 style to its Joomla template. This is only available for members of the RocketTheme phpBB3 styles club. You will need to download phpBB from www.phpbb.com and if you want to sync your Joomla and phpBB sites, you will want RokBridge as discussed above.

Note, you do not need to have Joomla in order to use the Affinity template. The style is fully independent of the Joomla template and can operate separately. The styles match the Joomla versions, in terms of both design, structure and style variations.

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